Grandma Wasn't Crazy After All About Us

If we could step back in time if only for a day, oh boy wouldn’t that be awesome. Remember when Grandma would tell you to take care Of your toys “ they may be worth something one day”.

Well my Grandma did, and I didn’t pay her any mind. I would look at her with this big half smile. Well looking back, it actually was a grimace because I felt deep in my heart Grandma means well but, she’s old and it’s a good chance, she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Besides, this toy needs lots of work! I would give Grandma the impression I was considering what she had said by nodding my head profusely (you know how little kids do it). But, as soon as she turned to go into the kitchen to bake my favorite cookies, I would wait to hear the noise of the pots and pans then I knew it was safe to start my alterations. Where are those scissors? Didn’t I bring some glue with me today? Undressing, dismantling and any other changes I deemed necessary were about to be performed to make my toy look better than it did when I received it. But, I had to be careful because the toy had to look the way Grandma remembered or I would be in deep “trouble”. Now many years later I am now feeling If only I had just listened. Changing the appearance of my toys was a big mistake but, I was a kid what did I know. Well “crying over spilled milk” never did a thing but, make your eyes red who wants that. So, let’s deal with what we have learned from the past and make it count in the present. Grandma had good instincts considering she was not a collector. She knew that in order for my toys to be of any value they had to be in good condition. Dirty, broken, or worn out toys would never do. Keeping the toy in the box it came in was most important to her. Grandma was a stickler about taking your time, opening your gift and she was right. Today the original box is sometimes worth as much as half the value of the toy. Maybe one day we all will be a Grandma or Grandpa and hopefully able to teach the wisdom of collecting in the proper way to our future, our grandchildren.